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Digital X-ray

If your pets have some internal problems and your pets are limping then our site provides digital x-ray services for your pet so you can easily find out the problem the internal problem of your pet so call now on this 9621747470.

Dental X-ray


If your pet's teeth are not well and you see the bleeding problems and other problems in your pet's teeth. Our site provides you with Dental X-ray services for your pet's teeth so if you want this service then call on 9621747470

Lab Work

If your pets are ill and you want some blood reports then you come to the right place our site provides you with different kinds of blood testing services for your pet so if you want these pet testing services then call 9621747470.

ECG Test

If your pet's heartbeat is not normal and it's suffering from a heart problem our site provides you with ECG Test services our veterinarians can take care of your pets during ECG tests so call on this 9621747470.

D.T.M Testing

D.T.M (Dermatophytes Testing Media) this test is for your pet's fungal infection if your pets are facing some ringworm problem and other fungal infections then this test is for your pet then call now on this 9621747470.


In this your pet's ear, skin can properly see by microscope so if your pet has suffered from a skin problem or ear problem then you just call on this 9621747470 our site provide you cytology services for your pet.


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About Pet Diagnostic Service Centre

Our site veterinarians have years of experience in this pet Diagnostic services and they properly examine your pets and easily find out which problems your pet is suffering for these services you don’t need to go anywhere our veterinarians can come to your home and properly examine your pets and provide you satisfaction Services so of your pets are facing any kinds of problems then you don’t worry you just call on 9621747470 and solve your pets health-related problem so don’t waste your time on another site you just contact with us.

Monthly Test

Our site expert veterinarians have proper knowledge about different animals or pets so they provide your pets with monthly tests so if you want this monthly test then call on 9621747470.

Quarterly Test

This pet test services in 6 months and this services the full-body examine by our veterinarians and provides health report of your pet so if you want this 6moths test of your pet then call on 9621747470.